We encourage our international TITANS to get involved in a sport while they are here. It is a great way to make new friends and learn more about American culture.

We follow guidelines established for F1/J1 student participation in sports at the secondary level as provided by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.

Michigan Lutheran High School Athletic Eligibility Guidelines for International Students for MHSAA Sports

  1. Students must not be 19 years old before September 1.
  2. The MHSAA physical exam form must be on file in the MLHS Athletic Office.
  3. A total of five international students may have varsity eligibility per school year. The five students will be designated by the MLHS Athletic office. Normally, one of the five slots will be saved until December 1 to be used for a student that enrolls later in the school year. If a students uses varsity eligibility, that student is under the “play one, wait one” rule.
  4. “Play one, wait one” means that an international student can be immediately eligible for varsity competition in year one at MLHS. Year two is “wait one” which means no competition. That student is again eligible in year three, and then must sit out in year four.
  5. “Play one, wait one” can also be that a student sits out (waits) year one at MLHS,
    plays in year two(varsity), sits in year three, and plays in year four(varsity).
  6. “Wait one” means no competition, neither varsity nor junior varsity.
  7. An alternative to varsity competition is the junior varsity path.
  8. If an international student sits out their first semester at MLHS, they are eligible for JV competition on MLK Day. This student can never play on the varsity level, but does have unlimited JV eligibility for the rest of their high school career.
  9. These regulations apply to all MHSAA sponsored sports. They do not apply to indoor soccer, AAU basketball, recreation league soccer, etc.


Team 2959 Regional Competition winners

Our students have the opportunity to participate in FIRST robotics tournaments on Team 2959: The Robotarians. For more info, check out the CW TECH website.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is open to exemplary high school students who have shown excellence in scholarship, leadership, service and character. NHS students help organize and lead service projects to help our community.


Love to sing or make music? Join one of our numerous choirs or bands! You’ll rehearse during the school day and have fun performing at school concerts and events.


Students have an exciting opportunity to participate in the annual drama production. We need many talents including makeup, hair, sound, lighting, stage crew and set builders in addition to actors. Join the fun!

YMCA Community Center

All dormitory students receive free memberships to the local YMCA athletic club. There they enjoy the pool, steam room, cardio center, weight room, racquetball courts, two gyms, plus group fitness classes such as yoga and cardio interval training.